International Sheet Metalworking Technology Demonstration Program

During the covid-19 pandemic, China has been taking lead in resuming production and economy, ensuring stable global industrial and supply chain. Data shows China’s exports in August 2020 totalled nearly 1.7 trillion yuan, up 11.6 percent. Its producer price index (PPI) rose 1.1 percent month-on-month in December. China will continue its steady recovery and further boost manufacturing sector in 2021. Increasing production capacity and speeding up the intelligent transformation are still the main goals. Meanwhile, China also encourages foreign firms to engage in the country's industrial upgrading. In December 2020, the government released a revised industrial catalogue to pump into high-end manufacturing and create more opportunities for foreign investors.


To break the boundaries of space during the epidemic, help international suppliers enhance brand awareness and stay connected with Chinese market as well as strengthen interaction among the global sheet metalworking industry, AsiaBLECH now release unprofitable International Sheet Metalworking Technology Demonstration Program - a free-offer to all international brands who have interests towards China market.

The program helps you with a three-step promotion through WeChat, Website and E-blast of AsiaBLECH:

One mini web-page


Demonstrate your technology on AsiaBLECH official website with your company profile and product details displayed under International Technology Hub.

One time WeChat News Bombing


WeChat is our daily-used app in China, your press release will be published through the WeChat official account of AsiaBLECH enabling our over 1,000 followers to get pop-up article on top of their notification list.

Promotion on E-newsletter


Go one-step further to reach about 20,000 subscribers once, strength brand awareness via AsiaBLECH database resource.


How can I join the program?

What are your products/technologies? Do they save energy or reduce labour cost? How did they help your customers in your country? Do you have any case study?


Share us the required information by filling in the Information Collection Form and submit to

* The organizer of AsiaBLECH reserves all rights

●  We prefer the form to be filled up in Chinese, if you have English version only we also help you with the translation, but please aware that there might be some deviation.

●  We will help you adjust and polish the WeChat article based on our followers’ need and reading habit.

●  Good qualified content provider may have the opportunity to be invited to present at the AsiaBLECH Digital Technology Sharing Summit later on.