· International Flights to Chengdu

20 Asia

Bangkok Bali Fukuoka Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City Jakarta
Kaohsiung Kuala Lumpur Macao Male Moscow Nagoya
Osaka Phuket Busan Seoul Singapore Taipei
Tokyo Taichung

17 Europe

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Frankfurt Hamburg London Milan Madrid Manchester
Munich Paris Rome Stockholm Zurich

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· From Chengdu to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

 Departure  Destination  Duration (airplane)  Duration (high-speed train)
 Chengdu  Beijing  2 hours and 45 minutes  7 hours and 47 minutes
 Chengdu  Shanghai  2 hours and 35 minutes  11 hours and 29 minutes
 Chengdu  Guangzhou  2 hours and 20 minutes  9 hours and 30 minutes

· From Chengdu to Nearby Key Cities

 Departure  Destination  Duration (airplane)  Duration (high-speed train)
 Chengdu  Chongqing
 1 hour and 17 minutes
 Chengdu  Lanzhou  1 hour and 15 minutes  11 hours and 31 minutes
 Chengdu  Xian  1 hour and 30 minutes  3 hours and 15 minutes
 Chengdu  Kunming  1 hour and 40 minutes  6 hours and 38 minutes
 Chengdu  Changsha      1 hour and 50 minutes  7 hours and 19 minutes

· Recommended Chengdu Attrac

Chengdu Research Base of

Giant Panda Breeding

Entrance Fee:

CNY 58            

This is the most convenient place for visitors to see the giant pandas at a close range


Wide and Narrow Vally


Is a popular entertainment and nightlife block, with architecture renovated in tranditional Chinese style

Dujiangyan Irrigation


Entrance Fee:

CNY 90

This irrigation project is one of the world's cultural heritages constructed 2,000 years ago

Jinli Street Free

Once was one of the busiest commercial streets during the Shu kingdom (221-263)

Chunxi Road


Regarded as the city's busiest business street, is a center of fashion as well as a home of delicious snacks from all over the country

Recommended Chengdu City Tour

4-Day Classic Chengdu Downtown Tour

D1:Wide and  Narrow Vally(2h) → Wuhou Temple(2h) → Jinli Street(3h)

D2:Jinsha Site Museum(3h) → Thatched Cottage of Du Fu(2h) → Qingyang Palace(1h) → Jiuyanqiao Bridge(2h)

D3:Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding(4h) → Wenshu Monastery(2h) → Chunxi Road(2h)

D4:People's Park(2h)